i am a wife

meagan As I’ve been thinking about my identity lately, I can’t think of a more perfect time to reflect on my newest role in life as a wife than on my anniversary week!

I am that wife who totally adores her husband.
I am not that wife who prepares a perfect meal every day.
I am that wife who loves to clean and do laundry.
I am not that wife who likes independence.

I am that wife who looks forward to staying home with her children someday.
I am not that wife who loves to go out every night.
am that wife who likes to reminisce about her wedding…even though it was only a year ago.
I am not that wife who talks about her husband negatively to her friends.

am that wife who trusts her husband with the finances.
am that wife who dresses up for her husband.
I am that wife that never doubts she picked the perfect man to love and to serve forever.

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