i am a teacher

chalk am that teacher who looks young enough to constantly gets confused for being a student.
I am not that teacher who plans entire lessons on the spot.
am that teacher who gets just as excited about snow days as her students.
I am not that teacher who always knows how to handle disruptive students.

am that teacher who is willing to look goofy if it means getting her students to pay attention.
I am not that teacher who doesn’t care if students like her.
am that teacher who greets her students in the hallway every day.
I am not that teacher who gives up on students even when they give up on themselves.

am that teacher who loves to talk with students after school, even after a long day.
am that teacher who asks for perfection, but accepts students’ best.
am that teacher who thinks about and prays over her students even when she’s not at school.
am that teacher who completely relies on God for the strength, patience, and creativity to show His love and inspire students.

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