servant leader


This man.  Where do I begin?  In high school his sweet smile, gorgeous blue eyes, and tender spirit caught my attention.  As time passed, I fell in love with him as I watched him pursue righteousness and cherish me.  As we made our way through college, his passion for work and devotion to excellence inspired and challenged me.  Now, after nearly one year of marriage, I continue to discover new facets of his amazing-ness every day.

I could practically create an infinite list of all of his good qualities – his never-ceasing patience, his unconditional love, his bold leadership, his depth of understanding, his dedication to peace and good communication, his passionate pursuit of God.  Nevertheless, one of the characteristics that I admire the most is his servant leadership.

As we worked through our pre-marital counseling before we got married, we studied “God’s equation for marriage:”

“A ‘oneness’ in marriage is the opposite of the world’s 50/50 plan.  It is a 100/100 plan in which both husband and wife commit themselves totally to each other, set aside their own selfishness, and experience true intimacy.  In the 100/100 plan, there is not talk about ‘meeting each other halfway.’  You are both willing to do anything it takes to make the marriage work.” //Preparing for Marriage, Dennis Rainey

I am so blessed to be married to a man who completely lives out the 100/100 plan each day – in our marriage and in the world.  His selflessness and continual commitment to serve not only me, but our families, our friends, and even strangers, provides me with such a beautiful depiction of Jesus’ self-sacrifice.  And yet, in the midst of his humility and his devotion to service, he stands as a bold leader, guiding others and creating united teams.

I am awestruck that God’s grace has gifted me with such an amazing man to serve and to follow, as he leads our family with both passion and humility.