I am so blessed to be surrounded by talented friends and family.  This week, I was invited by my friends at Hartt Productions to share a little bit about my wedding day.  It was perfect timing, since Tanner and I just celebrated our second anniversary.  Hartt Productions is passionate about capturing weddings through film to make […]

before happily ever after

I was honored to design a rehearsal dinner invitation to go along with the wedding invitations I shared recently here.  The bride asked me to incorporate the ribbon from the RSVP postcard, as well as more floral details.  They are very sweet and simple! SEE MY OTHER WEDDING INVITATION DESIGNS HERE AND HERE. CONTACT ME HERE IF YOU ARE INTERESTED […]

two years

Two years of becoming one, Of depending on each other, Of supporting one another, Of sacrificing for each other. Two years of going on adventures together, Of being silly, Of making each other laugh. Two years of building a life together, Of reminiscing about the past, Of dreaming about the future. Two years made richer and […]

kindly respond

I’m excited to share my most recent wedding invitation design.  It features the free font I released a few months ago, Aster Bloom, combined with KG Hard Candy Solid. See my other wedding invitation designs here and here. Contact me here if you are interested in a custom invitation design.  


I am reminded to be grateful for each moment… every hug from my parents, every kiss from my husband, every phone call with my brother, every laugh shared with a friend, every opportunity to encourage one of my students, every dream for the future, every chance to love someone else, every moment to live and […]


I used to dislike New Year’s resolutions.  I grew tired of seeing list after list of goals that people never accomplished, or didn’t even seem to care about two weeks later.  While I am still wary of making unattainable goals, I now appreciate people who make bold resolutions.  I admire their desire to improve and their courage to share their […]


My word for 2014 was follow,  and throughout the year I learned the importance of pursuing God not only in the midst of change, but also when life remains constant. This year, my word is give. In the last meal Jesus shared with His disciples before he was killed, He said, “This is my body, which is for […]

giving thanks

This year, I am giving thanks… For my students, who challenge me to grow every day, For my friends, both new and old, who help me to experience  and enjoy life, For my grandparents, who shower me with love, kindness, and wisdom, For my in-laws, who never fail to make me crack up laughing each […]