just like her

swing The gold bracelet I often wear around my wrist does not in itself hold significant value.  However, it represents something much larger than any piece of jewelry.  The small etched letters across it read “SYLVIA.”  This bracelet belongs to my mom.

I remember looking up to my mom when I was little, anticipating the day when I could grow up to be as beautiful as her.  I loved trying on her clip-on earrings, twirling around in her floor-lengths skirts cinched around my tiny waist, and attempting to walk in her high heel shoes with my feet struggling to stay inside.

Each time I look at her simple bracelet, I realize that a part of me is still that little girl, wearing my mom’s jewelry and trying to be just like her.  And I am reminded of how she has always been willing to share everything she has with me – not only clothes and jewelry, but time, energy, and unconditional love.  She has filled me with her ever-enduring joy, imparted to me her wisdom, modeled for me how to be gracious and poised, blessed me with her unconditional love and wholehearted sacrifice, and taught me how to be a devoted wife and follower of God.

Although I could never hope to express the extent of my love and appreciation for her, I hope that she will take notice each time I wear her clothes or jewelry, and each time I do something like her, and realize that I still want to be just like her.

Mami, te quiero con todo mi corazón.  ¡Feliz día de las madres!