Summertime reminds me of how quickly life passes.  Although the days are longer, they seem to pass so much more quickly.  The moments I spent months daydreaming about come and go in a flash before they fade into only memories.

With this intensity of summer comes an appreciation for time spent with family, for evenings spent outdoors, and for moments spent uncluttered by worries and stress.  But with summer, at least for me, also comes a time for reflection.  A time to think about my life – about how I choose to live.

This summer, I have been challenged to live with intention.

Am I intentional about the words I use to communicate?  Am I intentional about what I allow to influence me?  Am I intentional about how I choose to affect the world?  Am I intentional about my priorities? Am I intentional about serving others?  Am I intentional about refining my beliefs, and am I intentional about the way I live them out?

I hope that my answer to all of these questions might someday be yes.  And until then, I will do my very best to live with intention in every area of my life, because even our smallest choices and our most insignificant beliefs hold a power that changes us, and that may even change the world.

P.S. Thank you, Erika, for your encouragement that never ceases to inspire me and to motivate me to become a better person.