As Tanner and I began to shop for our new home once we got engaged, we were suddenly blessed with an extraordinary amount of gifts – from kitchen items and furniture, to decorations and more.  One particularly special gift was our kitchen table.  Here is the story of its life, and how it fits into ours!

My mom is originally from Venezuela, so when she and her family moved to the United States when she was in her 20s, they bought new furniture for their house here.  One of those items was a kitchen table.  Several years later, after my parents got married, my grandparents gave the table to my parents since they were both in college and had a tight budget.  

I grew up at that table.  I have so many pictures from my childhood sitting at the table – eating in my high chair, learning to color, learning to read, celebrating every year of birthdays, and so much more.  During my engagement, my parents decided it was time for a new kitchen table, so I jumped on the opportunity to take this special piece of furniture.

Here is a picture of it in my parents’ apartment…


…and here it is in our apartment today.

table_new copy

It is a constant reminder of beautiful memories and the love of family.

P.S. It is a complete coincidence that our apartments have a similar layout and that my mom and I decorated the table in the exact same way (doily+vase combo)!