fort woof


Several weeks ago Tanner and I discovered a local dog park that we visited with Poesy, and we fell in love!


It’s very clean and very popular, so there are plenty of dogs and people for Poesy to play with. We love that it also separates large and small dogs, so that we can make sure Poesy is safe.

It has been so interesting to learn more about dog behavior and body language, and it’s really funny to watch Poesy learn how to interact with other dogs.  When we first got to the park , she stayed really close by our side as she watched the other dogs mingle.  We felt like parents taking their child to kindergarten for the first day of school.  After some encouragement, she finally mustered up the courage to approach other dogs – even one clique that formed.  She eventually had so much fun, running and playing with the other dogs.

We have also enjoyed a small agility course that we have been using to train Poesy.  She’s a fast learner – especially anytime treats are involved!

And the best part is that it’s the only thing we’ve found that actually wears her out for more than five minutes.  As soon as we get in the car after an hour at the park, she immediately falls asleep in my lap, and she usually stays very calm and sleepy for the rest of the day!


The only downside is that after several days of back-to-back park visits, she becomes in desperate need of a bath, which is one of her least favorite things.  But I love giving them to her!!


We have quickly become addicted to dog parks and make trips to the few we’ve discovered so far whenever we get a chance.  Here’s to many more dog park adventures!