i am a daughter


I shared recently that I’ve been thinking about my identity.  My relationship with my parents has been a constant throughout my life that consistently helps me define who I am.  I have loved seeing the ways my that my role as a daughter has changed since I got married, as well as the ways that it has stayed the same.  I have also enjoyed taking on the new role of being a daughter-in-law, and getting two new parents!

am that daughter who misses her parents if she doesn’t talk to them every day.
I am not that daughter who thinks she knows better than her parents.
I am that daughter who still calls her parents “Daddy” and “Mami,” and who always will.

I am that daughter who loves late night conversations with her parents.
I am not that daughter who wanted to move out of her parents’ house as soon as possible.
I am that daughter who looks forward to seeing her parents become grandparents.

I am that daughter-in-law who loves spending time with her in-laws.
I am not that daughter who takes her parents for granted.
I am that daughter who considers her parents two of her best friends.

am that daughter who sees her parents as the wisest people she knows.
I am that daughter who thanks God daily for giving her the best parents she could ever ask for.

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