My previous word for the year was minimizeI attempted to focus on the core essentials rather than be distracted by consumerism, and to center my life around the needs of others rather than only my own.  As I strived to minimize many areas of my life, I realized that there is one thing that should always be maximized – time, particularly time spent with others.  For this reason, my word for this year is cherish.

This season of my life has been filled with a dichotomy of endings and beginnings.  Each time I encounter the close of a chapter, I think back and wonder if I appreciated it and the people in it enough.  And with each new chapter, I make it my mission to make the most of it.

Time is inevitably quick, but the way we choose to spend it, both in our actions and in our attitude, is what makes life full.  This year, I will cherish every moment, because I will only get to experience each one once.

What is your word for 2018?