that face

I love being a puppy mommy.  Ever since we first adopted Poesy, I immediately fell in love.  My friends already dread the day when I start having kids, because they can only imagine how many pictures and stories I will have, since I am already  constantly talking about Poesy and showing them pictures of her! […]

fall traditions

The fall breeze has started to kick in, and Tanner and I are already making a list of fall traditions we want to begin for our first married autumn!  One tradition we unintentionally started is taking walks with Poesy in the afternoons.  Today we stopped for an impromptu photoshoot with some sunflowers that we found along […]

meet poesy

About a month and a half ago, Tanner and I adopted our first puppy.  We’ve had our ups and downs – I have laughed so much, and I have shed many tears!  Here is a glimpse into our first moments with her the day we adopted her.