on your marks

I lace up my spikes with unsteady hands and make my way to the starting line.  Girls with uniforms of all different styles and hues repeat their rituals—jogging in place, jumping up and down, stretching their calves—as calls ring out from the announcer and echo across the stadium.  At last, the time comes: “Girls, find your starting places.”  I shuffle […]


As the school year is (finally) coming to a close, I can’t help but look back and smile.  Even in the most difficult days, my students have been such blessings in my life, whether by encouraging me with positive affirmation or by speaking the brutally honest truth.  Here are a few of my favorite quotes from […]

i am a teacher

I am that teacher who looks young enough to constantly gets confused for being a student. I am not that teacher who plans entire lessons on the spot. I am that teacher who gets just as excited about snow days as her students. I am not that teacher who always knows how to handle disruptive students. I am that teacher who […]


In my some of my classes this week, my students are responding to a prompt that begins with this quote and asks them to write an expository essay explaining why it is sometimes necessary to take risks. As is often the case, my assignment for my students really challenged me.  I’ve been thinking a lot […]


As an introduction to Mark Twain last week in class, I posted a handful of his quotes around my classroom.  I asked my students to walk around the room, choose a favorite (or least favorite) quote, and write about it.  After we discussed them, I asked if anyone knew or could guess the author of […]


As I began planning my classroom design over the summer last year, I decided that I really wanted to incorporate a blend of artistry and inspiration.  I collected and created several art prints using quotes that are very applicable to high schoolers to hang on my walls. This  print (above) I designed is one of […]