My previous word for the year was minimize.  I attempted to focus on the core essentials rather than be distracted by consumerism, and to center my life around the needs of others rather than only my own.  As I strived to minimize many areas of my life, I realized that there is one thing that should always be […]

fixing what is not broken

I recently learned about one of the top chefs in America, Grant Achatz.  His restaurant is known for its innovation in reimagining food and the way we experience it – from floating desserts and edible art to pillows of seasoned air.  While I was fascinated by all of Achatz’s creations, what most made an impression on me […]


Last year, my word for the year was give, and I made it a priority to seek opportunities to give my time, energy, and love to others.  And I realized that the more I shifted my focus to others, the less I focused on myself.  For this reason, as I continue to challenge myself to […]


In times of chaos and violence, may we “pursue the things which make for peace” (Romans 14:19).  May we make sacrifices, choose compassion, and love wholeheartedly. In times when everyone seems to be an “extremist” of one sort or another, may we remember the wise words of Martin Luther King Jr. in his “Letter from Birmingham Jail”… […]

the line

Something I heard in a podcast this week deeply resonated with me, as I continually seek to understand who God is and how we can know Him. “In the book Flatland, there are these characters that are two-dimensional, and I like that idea that we are these limited creatures, dimensionally, scientifically. We are these tiny […]


Summertime reminds me of how quickly life passes.  Although the days are longer, they seem to pass so much more quickly.  The moments I spent months daydreaming about come and go in a flash before they fade into only memories. With this intensity of summer comes an appreciation for time spent with family, for evenings spent outdoors, and […]