brass knobs

ikea-hack When Tanner and I got married, we didn’t spend much money on decorating our apartment.  Most of our furniture was either given to us or ours before we got married, and we haven’t done much with it since.  I recently stumbled across this dresser makeover and was inspired to add a new touch to my own dresser.

I had this dresser from Ikea in my bedroom from before we got married, but it is one of the pieces of furniture we had that fit relatively well into our style – clean and simple.  Unlike the dresser at Smitten Studio, mine was already white, so I just wanted to add some sparkle (literally and figuratively) to our knobs.  I had some left over metallic gold spray paint from some decorations I made for my wedding last year (see here), and I also gathered some extra materials I had lying around to help make the painting process easier.

knobs (of course)
spray paint
styrofoam (or a cardboard box)

supplies I placed each knob onto a toothpick to make them easier to handle while painting.  While my idea worked really well for the knobs, I unintentionally gave my left thumb a new coat of nail polish, so you may want to use gloves. paint As I finished each knob, I simply stuck the toothpicks in the styrofoam to let them dry without having to touch them or rest them on anything. dry stand And here are the finished results!  I was pretty satisfied since I spent no money on the materials (although even if I had, it would have come out to less than $10), and it only took about 15 minutes. brass-knobs mini-dresser-makeover What are some simple makeovers you have done that made a big impact?