behind the scenes

mantle Disclaimer: My first wedding anniversary is this week, so brace yourself for a lot of posts about my wedding and about marriage!

A few months after our wedding, I posted this post about how Tanner and I were totally overwhelmed with gratitude all throughout our wedding day.  In reality, we were extremely grateful all throughout the wedding planning process, and each time we think about our wedding, we can’t help but think of all our family and friends that sacrificed their time and energy to bless us.

When I made the decision to have a wedding with so many DIY projects, I never imagined how much of a burden that would place on the people that helped us with our special day.  I could not have had my perfect day without each of these people…

pinwheels chalkboard photos flowers butineer sophie tables dj train steve photographers dessert stephen mc amber

Thank you…

to our photographers for giving us beautiful photos to remember our day by,

to Mr. Pham for capturing every special moment,

to all the friends who helped make my dream a reality,

to my family and friends who drove in from out of town, came early to help set up, and stayed late to take everything down,

to Tanner’s groomsmen, for putting such effort into helping in any way they could,

to my bridesmaids for their love, service, encouragement, and devotion to making my day as perfect as possible,

to Stephen, for making our ceremony memorable and special,

to Josh, for guiding us through pre-marital counseling,

to Amber, for helping me create such a beautiful day, and then working so hard to make it happen,

to my parents and my in-laws who provided both the financial support and the emotional support we needed to make our wedding day possible, and

to God, for giving me such a wonderful man to marry and call my husband.