spring cleaning: front door

front-door I recently shared my vision for “spring cleaning.”  Rather than just physically clean my house this spring, I’ve been inspired to look at my lifestyle through the lens of my home in order to reprioritize my values.  The first area I’ve been thinking about  is my front door.

As the entrance, my front door interacts with every person that steps over the threshold into my home.  I’ve been thinking back over the last year and thinking about the people that I have invited into my home during that time and the memories we have created together.

This spring, I want to focus on hospitality.

My parents have always been the most hospitable people I know – they host parties, they invite people over, they offer up spare bedrooms for people to stay in.  And not only are they  generous with their physical house and their material possessions, but they are equally generous in providing spiritual and emotional nourishment for others through the relationships that they build and invest into.

In the same way, I want my home to be a place of refuge, of peace and of joy, for anyone that comes through my front door.  I want to challenge myself to offer my home as a place of building community and as a place of service, even in the times when I am tired after a busy day of work or when I  feel like spending my time selfishly.  May God use me through the blessing of my home to bless others, as I invest into each person that walks through my front door.