posey blossom


I created my first font!  My family and friends have always teased me about how my handwriting could be a font, so I decided to make it happen.  It’s inspired by my puppy, Poesy, and my love for flower doodles, so I named it Posey Blossom!

Click here to download the font for free!

Click here if you’re interested in purchasing a license for commercial use!


  • Kimbra Marie

    Wahoo!!! Best news I have heard in a long time!!

    • meaganhearne

      Yay! You would love the App I used to make it – I see some handwriting dates in our future. :]

  • Bethany

    Meagan! I love it! Thanks for giving it away for free – wow! Xxxxx

    • meaganhearne

      I’m glad you like it!!

  • Cassi

    How do you make a font??

    • meaganhearne

      I used an App – it’s so cool. :]

  • Shelby

    This is the best. Downloading now and sharing with friends.

    • meaganhearne

      Yay! Thanks, Shelby! :]

  • Rachel

    I love this Mae Mae! You are so talented! I think I may use it on my blog!

    • meaganhearne

      Thank you, Rachel! That means so much. What is your blog? I’d love to read it!!