Today I’m linking up to share my word for 2014.


“I confess that I am weak, but I will follow…” -Northwood Church

My word for 2014 is “follow.” Because of the many life changes I experienced in 2013, this coming year has many new challenges and opportunities for me. However exciting that may be, it can also be very intimidating.  As I was thinking about my goals for the upcoming year, I realized that I want to focus on two things: trusting in God and serving others.  Combined, I think those two focuses result in one action: following Him.

Regardless of the obstacles I face, the doubts I have, or the mistakes I make, I choose to follow.

What is your word for 2014?


  • Tanner Hearne

    Sounds like a good plan for us to do this year! :)

  • Cassi

    Good word!
    I think mine might be “explore.” Of course, I want to explore the world literally, but I also want to explore the Bible, other people’s hearts, and my future plans.

    • meaganhearne

      I love it!

  • Emily Carver

    it certainly is intimidating to trust that He knows and has a path for us to travel. Best wishes to you this year!

    • meaganhearne

      Thank you so much! You too :]