three years


Happy Anniversary to the man who has saturated my life with
laughter in abundance, inspiration to the max, and love with no bounds.

“If they be two, they are two so
As stiff twin compasses are two;
Thy soul, the fixed foot, makes no show
To move, but doth, if the other do….
Thy firmness makes my circle just,
 And makes me end where I begun.”
// John Donne



I am so blessed to be surrounded by talented friends and family.  This week, I was invited by my friends at Hartt Productions to share a little bit about my wedding day.  It was perfect timing, since Tanner and I just celebrated our second anniversary.  Hartt Productions is passionate about capturing weddings through film to make each special moment of the day timeless.

“We strive to make every couple feel as though their film is a representation of who they were the moment they completed their vows and there is no better medium to relive that version of yourself than through one of our films.” – Hartt Productions

Read my blog post here, and find out more about Hartt Productions and their work here!

two years

tanner-meagan Two years of becoming one,
Of depending on each other,
Of supporting one another,
Of sacrificing for each other.

Two years of going on adventures together,
Of being silly,
Of making each other laugh.

Two years of building a life together,
Of reminiscing about the past,
Of dreaming about the future.

Two years made richer and fuller every day
because of your love.

Happy Second Anniversary, Babe!  I love you more than words could ever express.

P.S. Happy Anniversary to my parents and in-laws!
Thank you for your unconditional love for each other and for us.


one year

one-year One year of marriage.

One year since I became Mrs. Hearne.

One year full of new adventures and challenges.

One year filled with laughter and so much love.

One year I will cherish in my heart always and forever.

Happy Anniversary, Babe!


behind the scenes

mantle Disclaimer: My first wedding anniversary is this week, so brace yourself for a lot of posts about my wedding and about marriage!

A few months after our wedding, I posted this post about how Tanner and I were totally overwhelmed with gratitude all throughout our wedding day.  In reality, we were extremely grateful all throughout the wedding planning process, and each time we think about our wedding, we can’t help but think of all our family and friends that sacrificed their time and energy to bless us.

When I made the decision to have a wedding with so many DIY projects, I never imagined how much of a burden that would place on the people that helped us with our special day.  I could not have had my perfect day without each of these people…

pinwheels chalkboard photos flowers butineer sophie tables dj train steve photographers dessert stephen mc amber

Thank you…

to our photographers for giving us beautiful photos to remember our day by,

to Mr. Pham for capturing every special moment,

to all the friends who helped make my dream a reality,

to my family and friends who drove in from out of town, came early to help set up, and stayed late to take everything down,

to Tanner’s groomsmen, for putting such effort into helping in any way they could,

to my bridesmaids for their love, service, encouragement, and devotion to making my day as perfect as possible,

to Stephen, for making our ceremony memorable and special,

to Josh, for guiding us through pre-marital counseling,

to Amber, for helping me create such a beautiful day, and then working so hard to make it happen,

to my parents and my in-laws who provided both the financial support and the emotional support we needed to make our wedding day possible, and

to God, for giving me such a wonderful man to marry and call my husband.


wreaths galore


In a previous post, I shared that my DIY Wedding Invitations served as a starting point for my wedding design.  One crucial element of that design was a hand drawn wreath designed by Tristan at Besotted.  However, I didn’t only use the wreath for my invitations – it showed up all over at our wedding and worked really well to create a cohesive look!

One of my favorite uses of the wreath was labels for our dessert table, complete with a yummy strawberry cake and a lovely assortment of pies.


I also used half of the wreath to create simple “Reserved” signs for family seating.


When planning our wedding, Tanner and I decided to keep it fairly small, both for budget reasons and personal reasons.  But, we didn’t keep it small at the expense of not inviting kids!  We definitely wanted to share our special day with the little ones in our life.  However, because weddings are not the most fun event for kids, we provided a coloring book and crayons to help keep them entertained.  I used the wreath as part of the cover design and tied the pages together with twine.


Lastly, I also used the wreath to create a fun madlib for wedding advice!  Tanner and I read them the weekend we got back from our honeymoon, and it was so fun to see what everyone wrote.  I saved them all so that we can look back at them in years to come!


Thank you so much, Tristan, for contributing to our special day!


the luckiest


Last week Tanner and I listened to the song that we danced our first dance to at our wedding last year, and beautiful memories began to flood back…

As with most weddings, music was a very important part of our wedding.  Music not only creates a mood through rhythm and beat, but it also shares sentiments through words.  Tanner and I spent a lot of time putting together the song list for our ceremony and reception.  Also, because we didn’t hire a DJ, Tanner spent a lot of time creating a playlist for background music during the entire reception.  I loved it, because we specifically picked music to set the mood and tone we wanted to share with our friends and family. Below are some of the most important songs we picked and why.  (Check out the playlist at the end of this post to listen as you read along.)


Pre-Processional: “Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop,” Landon Pigg


This song is very special to me, because it was “our song” while we dated.  One night, when Tanner and I were talking on the phone when I was still in high school, he told me to go to my computer and look up this song that he had heard, because it reminded him of me.  I went and listened to it, and I fell in love.  It is a beautiful song, both the sound (it has a cello, which is one of my favorite instruments) and the sweet words.  It was so special, because it was at the beginning of our relationship, and the song talks about falling in love.  One of our favorite lines is this…

“No one understands me quite like you do / Through all of the shadowy corners of me”


Processional: “Light Up,” Sucré


The background behind this song is a little different, because we had only become aware of it one year prior to our wedding.  We heard it at a concert we went to in Dallas around the weeks surrounding our engagement, so it holds very precious memories of that time for me.  The most important line in this song to me is the chorus, and it’s the line I loved to walk down the aisle to as I prepared to be joined with Tanner forever.

“You light up the world for me…”


Recessional: “Something in the Water,” Brooke Fraser


This song is so fun – it’s sweet and light-hearted, perfect for our first moments as husband and wife.  I love the line…

“Give me something fun to do like a life of loving you…”


First Dance: “The Luckiest,” Ben Folds


I only heard this song months before our wedding, but I immediately thought, “This has to be our first dance.”  It captured our informal wedding vibe, and expresses so eloquently the feeling of love shared between husband and wife. “I am the luckiest” perfectly captured my heart on our wedding day.


Father Daughter Dance: “Because You Loved Me,” Celine Dion


Growing up, I never really gave too much thought to my wedding.  I definitely thought about being married and having a husband, but I didn’t really start picturing what I wanted my wedding to be like until soon before Tanner and I were engaged.  However, I actually imagined this song to be played for my Father Daughter Dance as a teenager, ever since I saw the movie “What a Girl Wants.”  I first heard the song during a beautiful  wedding scene in the movie, and I immediately fell in love with the words.  My dad and I considered other options as we were planning the wedding, but in the end no other songs compared.  


My Father Daughter Dance was somewhat unique, because my brother cut in to dance with me at the end.  It was a lovely way to get a few moments to share my special day with him, and it was so sweet and thoughtful that he and my dad planned it to surprise me!


Mother Groom Dance: “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” Taken by Trees


Tanner really liked this song because of the vibe – the classic song with a modern twist really captured our vintage-inspired wedding with an untraditional touch.  It’s also a beautiful description of the relationship between a parent and child that captures his close relationship with his mom.


Anniversary Dance: “This Magic Moment,” Jay and the Americans


Although we didn’t have a DJ or dancing at our wedding, we decided to have an Anniversary Dance, where all the married couples are invited to the dance floor and asked to dance until the number of years they have been married is called out.  One of Tanner’s groomsmen made the announcements, starting with one and counting up until the last couple remained dancing.  My maternal grandparents won – it was so special to celebrate their marriage on my wedding day!


Exit: “All is Love,” Karen O and the Kids


I couldn’t resist incorporating this song into our wedding in some way, and our exit from the reception was the perfect moment!  Not only does this song crack me up, but it is also fun because it connects back to how Tanner and I first met over six years ago.  When we were in high school, we both volunteered at an event at our school where we played games with a group of orphans who were being adopted from Africa by American families.  Tanner and I, who didn’t really know each other at the time, were assigned to read “Where the Wild Things Are” and act it out as a skit.  It was really silly, and that is the moment I first remember being attracted to him.  We didn’t start dating until about a year and a half later, but we both consider that one of our first memories together.  For our first dating anniversary, Tanner gave me a ring and a copy of “Where the Wild Things Are” with a precious note written inside.  When the movie based on the book came out later that year, we had to see it together!  And finally, here is the connection -“All is Love” is part of the soundtrack of the movie.  After that, we would sometimes sing the song to each other to make each other laugh.  It was the perfect exit song, because it is so giddy and fun!

We put a lot of time and thought into choosing our music, and I’m so glad we did, because I can distinctly remember every song, and each of the beautiful moments associated with it on our special day! And I am reminded of why I am the luckiest…

Photo Credits// Brad & Rebekah Photography

our proposal story


As our first wedding anniversary is rapidly approaching, I can’t help but reminisce about our wedding and the events leading up to it.  Here is our proposal story…

The weekend before finals week of my junior year in college in May of 2012, Tanner asked me to go on a date to celebrate the end of my semester and his upcoming graduation.  He told me that we were going to go our favorite restaurant in Dallas, but he needed to stop on the way to pick something up for work.

When we pulled into the parking lot of what seemed like a business building, Tanner asked me to go in with him to make sure it was the right place.  As we got closer to the door, Tanner laughed and said, “I’m just kidding, this is where we’re eating dinner.”

As soon as we walked in, Tanner told the waitress that we had a reservation.  She asked, “Are you eating first or flying first?”  I was immediately confused and trying to figure out what she meant as they decided that we would be “flying first.”  She led us through the restaurant to the back door, where we stepped out onto a patio right in front of a runway with a tiny airplane on it.  I had already been suspicious that he was planning to propose, but once I saw the airplane, I was sure!


We met our pilot and within minutes we were strapping ourselves into the back seat of a four-seater plane, and preparing for lift-off.  The pilot asked, “Are you ready?”  And I replied, “I think so.”  To be honest, I was terrified, and was convinced that Tanner and I were going to die in a plane crash before he ever got the chance to propose!  The pilot commented on my hesitancy, but soon started to accelerate the plane anyways.


A few minutes into the flight, we were soaring over downtown Dallas and watching the beautiful view.


Finally, Tanner said, “Well, while we’re up here, I wanted to tell you how much I love you, and…”

Right at that moment, the pilot, who was very clueless (but probably paying close attention to flying the plane!), commented, “And here on the left is the Dallas Medical Center…”

Tanner and I burst out laughing and he began again, “Well, like I was saying, I love you so much, and…”

And as he opened his mouth to finish his sentence, the headsets we were wearing let out a painfully high-pitch screeching sound that lasted a few seconds.  Tanner and I burst out laughing again, and he finally was able to finish proposing uninterrupted.  He asked me if I would do him the honor of being his wife as he pulled out the ring, and I obviously said yes!


After we landed, we asked the pilot to take a picture with us, but I don’t think he ever realized that we got engaged on his plane!


Afterwards, we had a beautiful dinner outside on the patio.  Actually, the meal was not very good, but we couldn’t have cared less, because we were so happy!


As soon as we left, I called my parents (who already knew the entire plan) and my closest friends to share the exciting news!

It’s hard to believe that not only has our wedding come and gone, but that our first anniversary is only a few months away!  I still feel as happy as I did that day to be committed to such a wonderful man for forever.  I love you, babe!

joyfully invited


My wedding invitations were one of my favorite DIY projects from our wedding, and since they were one of the first things I finished, they served as a starting point for the rest of my wedding design.

I wanted a clean, simple aesthetic with a touch of handmade and vintage to go with the overall vibe of our wedding.  I paired the free fonts KG Eyes Wide Open and Stilleto Skinny throughout the invitation and envelope, and I think they complemented each other beautifully!


I chose  A7 “paperbag” cards and envelopes from Papersource to be a basic backdrop for detailing and graphic text.  Next, with the help of two of my bridesmaids, I added a border at the top of the invitation using white cardstock and Martha Stewart’s Lace Doily Punch.  Finally, I stitched a simple border over the lace using my sewing machine.  (I used a standard sewing needle, but you can find a lot of techniques and tips online for other ways to sew with paper.)


I added some graphic elements, like these hand drawn wreaths from Besotted and this simple ribbon I created in Photoshop, to make a bold statement and work with the hand drawn look.


I did all of the printing, including the envelopes, with an HP Officejet Printer, and I was pleased with the results.  I hope you are too!