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I love being a puppy mommy.  Ever since we first adopted Poesy, I immediately fell in love.  My friends already dread the day when I start having kids, because they can only imagine how many pictures and stories I will have, since I am already  constantly talking about Poesy and showing them pictures of her!

The day we adopted her, she was very timid, cluttered with dirt, and had thin hair, a bulging tummy, and very little coordination.


Since then, she has grown into a very healthy, intelligent, energetic, and agile dog with a mind of her own!  Despite all the changes in her appearance and personality, one thing has not changed – how my heart melts at the sight of her little face.

Even though she is so much work, has destroyed many of our belongings, has cost us a lot of money, and irritates us at times, I can’t help but love her.  I have been surprised by how much emotion I feel towards her (although I have always been a devoted dog-lover).  I can’t even imagine how much love I will experience with my children some day, but I look forward to it!


Having a puppy has given Tanner and I a small glimpse into parenthood.  We have gone through the ups and downs of puppyhood, discussed how to teach Poesy the difference between right and wrong, had disagreements about the most effective disciplinary methods, struggled with traveling with her, made sacrifices to better her livelihood, taken her to doctor visits (both planned and unplanned), made adjustments to her diet, socialized her with other dogs, taken her to puppy school, and discovered the joy of getting to know her in a deeper way as she grows and matures.


Although I sometimes questioned our decision to adopt her after we first brought her home, she has become such an important part of our little family, and I look forward to seeing her face every day!


cheers to 2013

Tinsel-2013 This year has been one of enormous blessings and huge transitions.

In January, I began student teaching freshman and learned so much about applying my college education about teaching to actually interacting with students in a real school.  It was a wonderful experience, and I still miss many of the students I met there.


Then, in March I married my best friend and the love of my life during our Spring Break wedding.

Tanner and Meagan Wedding

We went on the perfect honeymoon to Oregon that Tanner planned completely by himself as a surprise for me.


Next, I graduated from college in May!


In June, Tanner and I made the most spontaneous decision of our lives and adopted our precious puppy Poesy from the Humane Society.


We went on many adventures in the summer, from traveling to Arkansas and Austin, to celebrating birthdays with friends and teaching summer school.



My summer vacation ended in August with the start of the school year and my first real job teaching English III and ESL at a local high school – which has been one of the most difficult challenges in my life so far!

For our first married fall, we started some new autumn traditions, and Poesy graduated from her Puppy Class!


This winter, I’ve had the blessings of spending so much time with family, and Poesy experienced her first snow!  Tanner and I also celebrated our first married Christmas!




It has been one of the most difficult, yet also the most beautiful and most fun year of my life! I’m sad to say goodbye to such a wonderful year, but I’m already thanking God for the blessings of 2014.

What are some of your favorite memories from 2013?

our first noel


As always, it’s so hard to believe that Christmas is already here, and that in just another week it will be a new year.  After celebrating my birthday this month and thinking about the year to come, I’ve been reflecting on the past year of my life.  It has been filled with so many adventures – getting married, renting my first apartment, graduating from college, starting my first job, getting a puppy, and more.  I’m constantly reminded of the idea that the older you get, the more challenging and busy life becomes, but the more new blessings God brings.

This winter season, I’ve loved celebrating the holidays with my new little family for the first time.


One highlight of the month has been creating a Christmas tradition with Tanner inspired by A Beautiful Mess – 12 Dates of Christmas.  Instead of exchanging presents, we each planned six dates that we would open every day.


It’s been a special time of being together and making memories.


fall traditions

The fall breeze has started to kick in, and Tanner and I are already making a list of fall traditions we want to begin for our first married autumn!  One tradition we unintentionally started is taking walks with Poesy in the afternoons.  Today we stopped for an impromptu photoshoot with some sunflowers that we found along our path!

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We love spending this quality time with our sweet little family!


meet poesy

About a month and a half ago, Tanner and I adopted our first puppy.  We’ve had our ups and downs – I have laughed so much, and I have shed many tears!  Here is a glimpse into our first moments with her the day we adopted her.